an educational journey in americas national parks

Movies, books and people sharing information about national parks is a nice way to learn about nature and the outdoors, but there is no substitute to placing yourself  inside a national park.  It is this power of place that will transcend your being.

Discovering  Americas 58 is dedicated to educating everyone about the beauty, majesty, and splendor that our country and our national parks have to offer.  We will travel the country, providing public forums that will allow schools, churches and other organizations time with us in order to positively impact and influence “their” environment.  Our goals are to engage and empower people toward conservation, ecology, and positively changing their life habits.

​America has created a generation of nature and nurture deficient children and adults alike.  We would like to alter this trend, offering individuals more than what they are currently getting from playing video games, watching television, surfing the internet or sitting on their couches.  Additionally, most of these activities sadly thrive without human interaction or relationship.  We are vested in changing this trend.  If people will go outside, move, breath fresh air, and interact with their environment they will fundamentally and drastically improve their biological footprint of physical, mental, emotional, and social health.

Discovering Americas 58 is a diverse learning institution where we are not bound by walls.  Our school room is our country.  Along with the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic our students expand their minds with nature, their environment and all that encompasses these United States.

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